Company Overview

KROSGLASS Sp.are the only producer of glass fibre used for reinforcing of products of resins and plastics in Poland.
On 1st January 2004 the glass fiber plant was extracted from Krosno Glassworks as a limited company, taking the name Krosglass.
Krosglass company in Poland offers a wide range of assortment (over several hundred products): Chopped Strand Mats, Glass Roving Chopped Strands, Woven Rovings; since 1971.
Krosglass Ltd is the only producer of glass fiber used for reinforcing of products of resins and plastics, in Poland.
Krosglass - as a Limited company - remains a part of Krosno Capital Group. Krosglass constantly develop it?s production potential as well as takes care of the high quality standard of products. It is achieved mainly due to the work of highly qualified specialists in fields of technology, management and marketing. Moreover, well developed and well functioning system of distribution on domestic and foreign market enables to offer a wide range of assortment as well as professional advice on its choice.
Krosglass company is also opened for production of the new assortment.


Ul. Tysiaclecia 17
38-400 Krosno
+48 13 43 285 67
+48 13 43 632 12

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