Graphene & Nanofillers for Composites Workshop

5 December Bristol, UK

Nanomaterials are gaining wider use as fillers in polymers and macrocomposites
to infer beneficial properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity, fire
retardancy, self-healing, and improved mechanical properties (e.g. stiffness,
Graphene has recently emerged as one of the most significant nanomaterials
with exceptional mechanical, electrical, thermal, and other claimed functional
Furthermore, the UK having won the Nobel prize, UK Government has
invested in University centres, and UK spin-outs are currently scaling up to
volume production of flake graphene.
The Event:
Sponsored and hosted by the National Composites Centre, part of the High Value
Manufacturing Catapult, this event will:
  • Present the latest developments in nanofillers
  • Manufacturing and properties of nanocomposites for polymer systems, as well as their performance in composites
  • Provide and excellent networking opportunity to form partnerships.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • National Composites Centre
  • Ben Farmer, EADS Innovation Works
  • Dr Karl Coleman, Applied Graphene Materials
  • National Graphene Institute
  • Dr Matthew Thornton, NetComposites
  • Haydale
  • Prof Chris Bowen, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath
  • James Trevarthen, ACCIS, University of Bristol
  • Gavin Farmer, Carbodeon

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