Welcome to NetComposites

NetComposites provides research, consultancy, training and information services to the composite materials industry. Our activities are organised into three areas:

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Technology: research, development, prototyping and testing of innovative composite materials and their associated manufacturing technologies in our 700 square metre development centre. We have process equipment for compression moulding, prepregging, injection moulding, vacuum forming and resin infusion, as well as materials testing machines and component fabrication facilities.

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Insight: live online training, classroom based courses, conferences, seminars and workshops on a broad range of composites topics. We also produce market reports, technology roadmaps, foresighting studies and best practice guides.

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Information: this site provides access to a wealth of composites information including technology guides, the latest industry news, an events calendar, a glossary, an industry directory and jobs listings. Each week we distribute a composites industry newsletter to more than 15,000 individuals.

Our experience covers the breadth of composite material technologies, applications and business issues, and companies use us to create innovative composite products and processes, or to advise on trends in the future of the industry.